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Tip of the Week
October 24th 2013TIRE PRESURE

Run adequate pressure to eliminate tire noise while cornering. Too low pressure will accentuate a squalling noise during cornering

October 16th 2013ROTAX PERFORMANCE

To squeeze the most out of your Rotax have bottom end clearanced, crank trued and diamond honing of cylinder with torque plate.

October 15th 2013ROTAX CARB TUNING

With the new 2013 Rules in affect. My recommendation for pilots is as follows: COOL WEATHER, HIGH AIR DENSITY use 30-35 inner pilot and 40-45 outer pilot. WARM WEATHER, MODERATE AIR DENSITY use lower range of previous recommendation. HOT WEATHER, POOR AIR DENSITY use 30 inner and 35 outer pilots.

October 11th 20134 CYCLE OILS

Do not use too light oil in your World Formula. Many failures can be attributed to light oils in higher HP motors.